Monday, 30 April 2018

Reflection on term 1 goals

My reading goal is to read everyday at home for 5 minutes. Also I have to read more slowly and clearly.

Not Achieved
Because I've been lazy and I've not  been getting books.

My writing goal is to check my writing when I finish my work. When I write I will add noun, adjectives and verbs.

Because I check my work and I add punctuation's.

My maths goal is to learn my sevens eights and nines.

Not Achieved
Because I don't practice.

Friday, 13 April 2018

ANZAC Museum

This is one of the things I saw at the museum. It was really amazing to look at but this is not the only thing I saw. In fact there were so many things I saw I'm not really sure if I can count all the things I saw.    

This is another amazing thing I saw and it's different from the other things  I saw at the museum because their windows .To be honest though it reminds me of my church because my church has similar windows like this photo.

This photo has got to be my 2nd favourite because I really liked the design and how the soldier and horse looked like. I wonder how the uniform was made and what the horse is made out of though. Who knows but I'll find out sooner or later.

This is my favorite thing I saw for a special reason. It's because it represents the soldiers who died. I really feel bad for the soldiers who sacrificed their life because some of them won't get to see their families  ever again.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

5 facts about Luffa

Firstly Luffa was used in Ancient Egypt and have been cultivated for hundreds of years.
Next Loofah vines can grow up to 9 meters long too.
The fruit can grow up to 1.5 kilos each as well.
Another fact is that Loofahs are gourds which means they are part  of the pumpkin melon and cucumber family.
Lastly Loofahs are used to scrub dishes and other stuff which is unbelievable.