Friday, 25 October 2019


I’m the agent of chaos and the jester of genocide
I’m Batman's most formidable foe.

I kill the innocent and slaughter gods
I kill children and destroy entire cities.

I always try to make Batman kill me
so that I can win the game.

Everyone tries to rehabilitate me but it’s no use.

I am evil , I am the most dirtiest killer , I am the joker.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Riding Waves

Riding Waves
Hey guys today I'm going to tell you about a book I have read. I bet you can already tell what story I read because of the title so yeah I'm going to tell you all about Riding The Waves which is basically surfing.

So firstly since the story kicks off with some basics I'm going to talk about some basic surfing things your told in the story. For a lot of people surfing is just a hobby while other people can take up to the next level and I think you might know where I'm going with this. Some people love to surf so much that they will compete in international competitions or national competitions depends on if a surfing contest is held in their country. Anyways your probably thinking about how these surfing competitions work well judges judge surfers for their speed, control , stunts or moves they perform while surfing . Stunts or moves are judged by how dangerous or how good the stunts were performed. A surfer with the highest score wins the competition. There are lots of places where people surf at that have very dangerous waves and sometimes some places are very dangerous to surf at and are so far away from the beach that surfers wishing to surf at those dangerous places are towed to jet skis. Now that I told you some basic facts about the story lets move on.

Secondly I'm going to tell you dear reader how to start surfing and remember these are facts provided to you because of the book called riding waves so maybe after this recount you can go get this book and read it for yourself and by the way this is not sponsored even though it sounds like it. Alright enough of my off topic talking so the first thing to start surfing is be a good swimmer. "Why" you ask well that'd because if you mess up when your riding a big wave you have to be a good swimmer in order to save your life. Also body boarding is something you should practice too since it'll help your confidence when your surfing.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Capoeira Poem Challenge Sebastian Vs Militina


I swiftly turn side to side
waiting for my opponent to drop his defenses.

I finally see an opening and I attack 
my opponent gets caught off guard.

He then tries to attack me 
I counter back in response.

I am as calm as the sea
And as fast as a cheetah.

I finally defeat my opponent and my country cheers me on

I finally showed the world my fighting style called Capoeira.

By Militina


In a game of soccer , there are sounds of tears of joy watching the beautiful game.

Moves never seen , done by only one type of people , who call themselves Brazilians. 

A way to practice capoeira without being arrested ,
There are no police just the defender in front of you.

The ball is kicked as far as it goes on the field .
The crowd going wild as the ball is heading to the goal as if  it is heading to freedom . 

As the game is going the are tears getting bigger and bigger as the ball is getting nearer and nearer to the goal.
Practicing the style of play until mastered.

When he is ready he would show the world that he is worthy of playing.
Once his dream is fulfilled his parents look at him crying as if they never saw their son.

The style can still be practiced , And dreams can come true if you believe.

By Sebastian

Who's one do you like comment so I know

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

The Forge Of Weapons

The Forge Of Weapons
The sound of a hammer fills the atmosphere
As it echoes through the air.

The fire of steel made into weapons of death
For the warriors that will risk their lives today

Then the cries of war fill the battlefield
The war has started

The sounds of swords clashing can be heard miles away
The blood of warriors start to fill the area

At last though the war is done and peace is now in the land
Then one day the sound of a hammer fills the atmosphere once again.

Monday, 5 August 2019

Prezi presentations

Prezi presentations 

Last Term my class and I decided to do a presentation on cities in New Zealand. My group were the last group to present. Also my partner was Jairus we worked well together.  I did half of the work and he did half of the work.  We didn't fight or argue jokes we did make some arguments but in the end everything worked out. By the way our presentation was on Queens town.  Some people liked our presentation but I don't really know so I can't really say.  In the end my class liked it even though  I'm positive that they just liked the music , who knows.