Friday, 25 October 2019


I’m the agent of chaos and the jester of genocide
I’m Batman's most formidable foe.

I kill the innocent and slaughter gods
I kill children and destroy entire cities.

I always try to make Batman kill me
so that I can win the game.

Everyone tries to rehabilitate me but it’s no use.

I am evil , I am the most dirtiest killer , I am the joker.


  1. Hi Militina,
    I am really impressed on how you make up your poems. I enjoyed this one because it was about the joker and I liked how you said the joker is batman's most formidable foe.

  2. Hi Militina,
    I liked the way you talked to us about joker. To me it felt like you were really there saying it to me. Keep up the good work,
    From Sione Room 8.